Gas Analyzer

  • Medical Oxygen: MedOx™

    Designed specifically for medical oxygen handled by gas suppliers, hospitals and the aviation industry, the MedOx provides continuous, highly linear, online moisture analysis with built-in moisture compensation to maintain the analyzer’s agility even when stored on very dry gas for long periods.more

  • Accupoint LP2™

    The Accupoint LP2 is a microprocessor-based low pressure (5-100 psig) moisture transmitter. Whether checking moisture in bulk gas trailers prior to filling or measuring a sample stream after the process pressure reduction, the Accupoint LP2 delivers reliable moisture measurement.more

  • Accupoint 2™

    The Accupoint 2 is a microprocessor-based moisture transmitter with a built-in dual-stage pressure regulator and an operating pressure range of 50-3000 psig. It’s ideally suited for most industrial, natural, and process gas streams.more