• Boiler Control System

    Control Systems are engineered and manufactured by FPS for functions including but not limited to Burner Management. Sootblower Control, and Distributed Control (DCS). Optional operator work stations combine an open architecture and robust Microsoft Windows NTTM operating system to create a powerful graphic control interface. Enhanced quality and utility is available through custom graphics, cabinets and operator consoles. more

  • ​Model: FPS 90D Series Valv

    FPS 90D Series Valves ensure safety, reliability and ease of maintenance. The valve features a two-piece split design that provides 150 lbs of power. or 300 pounds. Flange, size ½ "to 6".more

  • ​Model:FPS 88 Series Valves

    The FPS 88 Series valves ensure safety, reliability and ease of maintenance. The valve uses a three-piece valve body, easy to maintain on-line, does not break the pipe connection, can provide NPT, socket welding or docking welding end, the size of ¼ "to 2".more

  • Model: Aquarian 3000 Visual

    Aquarian 3000 Visual bi-color drum water level gauge can withstand pressure up to 3000psi (207Bar), by the red/green light on the water refraction effect to indicate the water level. The use of LED red/green light source, service life of more than 11 years, and can avoid the vibration of the boiler may cause the failure.more

  • Port Repair Kit

    Repair Kitsmore

  • Model: Aquarian 1000Plus

    can be connected to 4 electrodes, and provide the release output of individual electrodes, can be used for alarm and control purposes. With dual power supply can reduce the fault, waterproof transparent shell, can clearly show the condition of the system.more

  • Model: Aquarian 3000Mini

    A multi-probe system, using stainless steel housing, solid-state electronic components, can operate up to three two-color remote display, can be customized according to the number and location of probes.more

  • Model: Aquarian Single Probe Alarm Module

    Single electrode, modular type.more

  • Model: Aquarian HP Probe

    The Aquarian Probe is the Industry’s choice. This Swaged style high pressure brazed probe does not require gaskets for sealing and offers a 2 year warranty with a 5 to 10 year life span. Rated for 3000psi @1200ºF the probe is designed to prevent water wicking. Each Aquarian probe is 100% Nitrogen gas tested and hydro tested to 6000psi.more

  • Model: Aquarian electronic level products

    Designed to meet the growing needs of the industry, Aquarian electronic products meet reliable, economical and versatile water level inspection requirements in a wide range of high-pressure and low-voltage applications。more

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