• MGA3000 Multi-Gas Analyser

    A variety of gas oneness analyzers O2, CO, CO2, NOX, SO2, HCl, NH3, CH4···
    Electrochemical, paramagnetic, NDIR detection principle 19"Rack, portable, rainproof type, explosion-proof type. MGA3000 's wide range of gas analyzers include a wide range of gas sensors and analytical computing techniques, providing a multi-card platform for measuring up to 4 gases on this platform, providing analog output display and reporting through the RS232 data port. Fully automatic calibration can be performed using a controllable 0-point and full-amplitude gas solenoid valvemore

  • MGA1000 Transportable Gas Analyser

    Removable gas analyzer. Mobile gas analyzers have been developed in accordance with the Multigas MGA3000 technology platform. Designed for intermittent and continuous use, MGA1000 provides analog output for all gases and provides data recording based on computer processing system software. Configure a standard power supply or comes with an external rechargeable battery group that can be used for up to 8 hours. Depending on the gas and range selection, 2-4 of the gas can be measured at once, providing a sturdy housingmore

  • SB1000

    Gas detector.
    The complete sensor is configured based on the SB series in the Portable box. Up to 2 gases can be measured. Standard 90-240VAC power supply Another packet rechargeable battery group can be optional signal outputmore

  • SB2000

    Gas detector.
    A standard module gas analyzer, assembled in a IP54 wall-mounted chassis. Up to two gases can be measured. The single red external beam is fully sensitive in sensor selection, including 15 different electrochemical sensors, zirconia and paramagnetic sensors. Sampling pumps and flow control provide standard gas inputs. Standard automatic 0 point correction with fresh air, or use a low-value carbon dioxide filter. Provides analog and alarm output.more

  • PM1000

    Gas detector.
    The oxygen monitor, which uses high-performance paramagnetic principle sensor technology, provides rapid response and high stability measurement. And in the accurate control of actuarial to provide analog output, with RS232 PC interface. Available ranges are 0-10%, 0-25% and 0-100% oxygen concentrations.more

  • LFG20

    Gas detector.
    Another major-LFG20 is a fast and precise three gas analyzer for biogas and landfills. Measure methane and carbon dioxide. Weather-resistant electrochemical oxygen sensors provide a full range of 100%. There are 3 analog outputs configured. Rechargeable battery group, suitcase alternative sampling rods and filtersmore