About Us

Macro Systems & Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2017, by a group of decades of professional experience in analytical instruments composed of agents in American and the European well-known brand industrial instruments and equipment, with engaged in system planning, sales installation and instrument calibration maintenance etc., the main customers throughout the semiconductor manufacturing, petrochemical chemicals, power plants, utilities, Food and beverage, related researching development dept. for military and government institution. With the efforts of our experienced professional engineers, the company has won a great reputation, in the industry to provide high-quality  instruments, and equipment and systems, from product specifications, system design, Budget cost assessment, to contract signing, parts procurement, complete system assembly, factory testing, packing and shipping, Then to the site installation guidance and the implementation of education and training for users, this consistent standard operating procedures, are responsible for the implementation of the relevant professionals, internal quality control more access to international iso-9001:2015 certification.